New Year, New Lessons

Morning Peeps!

It’s a normal day; no bank holidays now until Easter!

Schools here go back the end of this week, so I start tutoring again next week. There are then 5 weeks until half term (which is really short!) SO that means 5 full weeks of planning and lessons, which may make some people groan, but fills me with joy.

So if you’re studying, a parent of a student or a homeschool teacher, this is what I do (to give you some ideas).

  1. Assess where you are now: Year 5 and up can use Key Stage 2 SAT past papers and year 9+ can use GCSE past papers….the point is not to get a good grade but just to see what is known and any areas to work on (no pressure and no negative language about it, just opportunities to improve.)
  2. Know what’s coming: If there are exams, end of term assessments or other key events…then know how long you’ve got and what level is expected. That way you have a goal to work towards.
  3. A topic a lesson: This is a bit controversial, but is a reality in many school subjects. I find it works because it stops pupils getting bored or discouraged if they find the topic hard, it can always be revisited later on. (This is also applicable to revision, an hour at a time of any subject is enough for anybody!)
  4. Explain what’s going on: If you’re the parent and/or teacher, tell them what you’re going to be working on and remind them of the longer term goals, for example, I tell pupils what we’re going to do up until the next holidays but when they need motivating (as we all do sometimes) remind them of the exam, next course or career they’re working towards…and how glad they’ll be to have done it and aced it! 🙂 Also, students need to tell parents/teachers if there’s something going on, like a mid-term test that needs working on or a match or performance that may affect your study time.
  5. Find a way to make it fun: No-one wants to be bored and sit repeating rules or equations, but they need to be learned. So when dealing with these things find ways to make it fun; mnemonics, acronyms, rhymes, music….whatever works! My daughter likes the gummy bear method when reading a lot of text, put a gummy bear at the bottom of each page to eat when you get there!


There are lots of fun things and study tips on my school board on Pinterest if you want some ideas.

Happy Spring Term!

Anna x

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