Time for Everything

Morning Peeps!

I’m up extra early this morning to get everything done. It got me thinking because time seems to be the focus in my life right now…so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

We have enough time: It doesn’t always feel like it and sometimes you even have to say it aloud to believe it, but we have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone has. We also have enough days to do what God intended for us…so maybe the question shouldn’t be ‘do we have the time?’ rather ‘does this need to be a priority?’

Wisdom affects time: You have to seek wisdom. What is your main purpose? What goals do you need to work on? What has God given you to do? (Clue: It’s usually the thing you want most/have a heart and talent for…..it’s never keeping up with the Jones’) Seek your true purpose, and fulfil the roles you were given.

God has a time for everything, it may not be our timing but there will be a reason. If you were late to an interview, maybe you weren’t meant to have that job. If you miss a train, perhaps you’d have got injured if you got on that one and got to your destination as you planned. You may not ever find out, but He has a reason.

Knowing makes you plan: No-one likes the idea of having to organise something, but it is another way of being wise. Plan your time, looking ahead at key things and potential stumbling blocks. If you know you have a holiday (like the new year, for example) where you’ll get nothing done, working ahead is better than trying to catch up afterwards…it’s certainly less stressful!

I wouldn’t survive without a checklist. Life coaches and other psychology professionals often suggest prioritizing by quadrants, with quadrant one being scary important stuff (like bills being due that day), 2 being regular jobs to be done; food shopping, bills that month etc, 3 is stuff you’d like to do/less urgent goals and quadrant 4 being ‘if I get time to’ stuff…the idea is that quadrant 1 should stay empty!

Nothing should get that urgent (if you paid the bill in quadrant 2 it won’t reach the due date unpaid and therefore won’t be quadrant one). Of course, we all have stuff that does (because sometimes the bill is due on payday so you can’t pay it earlier, or an injury or illness prevented you from doing something the day before..it happens. Don’t sweat it, remember my first point). Just get that done ASAP.

Find a system that works for you and get organised. Prioritise and never lose the main focus of your life…then you’ll use your God-given time to it’s fullest.

BTW God allows time for rest too, perhaps the hardest to factor in, but equally important.

God bless,

Anna x



Photo by Ahmad Ossayli on Unsplash


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