Travel With Kids

Morning Peeps!

Firstly, apologies for the 2 blogless days this week…had a major toothache, but better now, so you’re stuck with me again. 😉

Wanted to offer some tips today for travelling with the kiddos. So let’s go:

  1. Keep an Emergency Kit in the car. First Aid bits, water (can be used for the car washer/cooling system or even to drink if you’re stuck) and a blanket in case you have to stop in the cold. (Obviously, this is in addition to the car stuff you should always carry like a jack, caution sign, etc…but those aren’t kid-specific.)
  2. Change of Clothes and/or a towel: Especially with young children who may have potty training and snack-handling issues, but also useful for impromptu paddling! 🙂 Unless you live somewhere scorching, a raincoat is a useful addition too! (Just check the sizes regularly as kids grow fast and your supplies may need an upgrade.)
  3. Food! Snacks and drinks are essential if you’re going any distance. The teenager didn’t travel well in the mornings when she was a nipper, so we always had plain crackers and water on-hand. Periodic snacks on a long ride also give them something to do and stop us parents from paying service station prices for snacks.
  4. Clean-up Items: Wet wipes, sanitizer gel, bandanas or napkins…whatever you take, you will use it at some point!
  5. Stuff To Do: The list is endless, but my favourites are: CD for sing-alongs, an electronic game or DVD (limited to about an hour…episode DVDs are good…we watched a lot of Duck Tales in the car!), colouring or activity books, a list or game to spy things (red cars, landmarks, birds…whatever’s appropriate for where you are)…there are many more. What’s your favourite car-journey activity?


So there are some ideas to get you going, I hope they help. As an aside note, I’ve seen organising videos on YouTube where they buy £1/$1 baskets to keep stuff in and always have some bag or box for rubbish…which is an awesome idea and just recently I saw nice baskets with handles in Poundworld that would be great for this.


I’ve waffled enough, have a good one peeps!

Anna x



Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash


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