Education Begins At Home

Hey-ho Peeps!

Just been thinking about little kiddos and how they learn…it fills my heart with joy to see friends on Facebook teaching their kids to cook or taking them on nature walks.

Too many people think learning just comes from books: Books are great and should be encouraged, but are not the only way to learn.

We have five senses for a reason and even as adults we’d rather look at something colourful and exciting than write a report…so children need to develop all their skills.

Cooking, for example, uses their sense of touch, smell and taste but also can teach them maths through the weights and measures. Obviously, it also has the bonus of being a life skill they will definitely need in the future!

Nature walks can point out types of plant or animal. You can go to the seaside and find out what lives in a rock pool or go looking for berries in autumn.

Everything can be a learning experience, you can explain stuff as you go, without giving an hour-long lecture about it.

If you (the adult) don’t know about a particular thing, that’s great; go and look it up together! You teach them so much by saying you don’t know: They learn that it’s OK not to know, to not worry about it and where to find the information.

Basically, I’m saying that you should treat everything as a learning experience, not a ‘lesson.’ Teach by example…you don’t always need a textbook. 🙂

Happy Learning Peeps!

Anna x


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