Be Strong

Happy Friday Peeps!

Many times this week I’ve heard or read the words “be strong” or “the Lord is our strength” and even “we are more than conquerors”… I think God is trying to tell us something!

Worship last Sunday was literally full of it, every song! I love that feeling when you’re so sure something is from God and part of His will.

I believe He’s telling us that now is the time to deal with long-standing issues; goals we want to achieve, bad habits we need to drop, health issues to improve and spiritual growth to be sought. We are strong enough to do these things if we rest in Him.

It’s not too late and we have Him to help us along the way.

Have a blessed weekend.

Anna x



4 thoughts on “Be Strong

  1. Hello Anna, happy Friday.
    You have taken on quite a load of changes that you feel you want/need to make – which is a great thing in itself, as improvement of self is good (mostly), but can I just say that perhaps tackle one thing at a time, and add in another once you become ‘in control’ of the one thing. Then once in control of those two things … add another.
    Dealing with long-standing issues; goals you want to achieve, bad habits you need to drop, health issues to improve and spiritual growth to be sought all at once might end up making you feel snowed under. So try for one, then add another one – so on and so forth – so that you make each thing part of your life before adding another. I would hate to see you feel less than great, under the weight of tying to juggle everything at the same time.
    Sending love to you and yours ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Great advice cobs, the sort I give out but doesn’t apply to us 😂lol. It’s just always been like that, we’re both hyper and like every day different and like a challenge: if I get bored or think something’s too easy then I don’t bother…a bit of a challenge works for me ☺ couldn’t do it all without Mr.B though….very sweet of you to be concerned about me 😘 now the stupid cough is going there’ll be nothing in my way. 😉 squidges as always xxx


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