Faith Restored

Hey-ho Peeps!

Just thought I’d share the joys of today with you to help you have the PMA they’ve given me…

First thing this morning (on school run) there are daffodils sprouting in the council’s flower beds…being very brave consider in how cold and clear it was this morning!

When I got home there was some sort of finch sat on our garden wall….another sign spring is surely on it’s way! ☺

I like winter but I love the changes and am ready for spring. Yellow flowers are a bonus of late winter/early spring….daffys, primroses, crocuses ….Yellow just makes me smile.☺

When driving home I was listening to Pirate FM (awesome local station) and the presenter said Cornwall was amazing…I totally agree but sat in the car (outside my door) to listen to the reason why; turns out a young lad was having cancer treatment at Bristol and the family were struggling financially with the trips…someone set up a donation fund, a pub donated their quiz night profits for this month and they’ve had several other offers of support…this community blows me away! Proud of Cornwall for reminding us of the good in humanity! 😍

So I just thought I’d share to make you smile too. ☺

Check ya layers Peeps!

Anna x


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