And So It Begins…

Morning Peeps!

Actually, more than one thing is beginning…exciting stuff isn’t it?

The birthday celebrations start today! Teenager’s birthday isn’t until Tuesday but school and work mean celebrating with family is easier today….so we’re off to a local Italian Restaurant this evening to celebrate my little pasta-addict being another year older!

Secondly, I am literally in the process of opening my craft shop 🙂 The admin/layout stuff is done, the crafts are made, so I just have to upload my pictures and we’ll be good to go! So watch this space…am aiming to be up and running by Tuesday at the latest, but like I said my baby has plans that must come first! 😉

Thirdly, perhaps after today’s meal out, the diet and exercise will be in full swing…I have what I need, I’m mentally ready and my goal is fast approaching (my cousin’s wedding is 7 months away!) So there will definitely be some more health-related posts heading your way soon!

Yay for change! 🙂

What are your plans for the week ahead? Let me know your goals and stuff in the comments below and we can focus on them together! 🙂

Happy Saturday you fab peeps!

Anna x


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