Recipes Galore

Morning Peeps!

Just looking back through my recent posts, I realised I hadn’t posted any recipes in over a fortnight! Very sorry, but there’s been so much other exciting stuff to tell you! 🙂

So here are a few recipes you might enjoy:

I can’t do one of these line-ups without mentioning What’s for Dinner Moms…so this is her latest recipe for Chicken with Creamy Garlic Sauce. …did someone say creamy? And garlic? Yummy! 😉

Local Farm OK has a beautiful salad and vinaigrette on their blog from yesterday. It looks really simple, colourful and (most importantly) delicious.

Justine shared these simple cookies on Little Dove Blogs that’d be great to decorate for Valentine’s Day next week!

(Just realised I’ve given you a whole meal there…wasn’t intentional but you can totally do all 3 together! 🙂 )

Not recipes exactly, but Jenny at This Tiny Blue House did this fascinating post on foods you can freeze…so having recipe ingredients on hand can be easier than we thought.

So that should be enough to sink your teeth into! If you’d like more recipes, then please go and explore these blogs more…these lovely ladies have many fab ideas to share. 🙂

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Anna x


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