Next Week

Happy Friday Peeps!

Last day before half term holidays! (Phew!)

Next week is kinda odd as it’s Shrove Tuesday/Pancake day on 13th, which means Lent begins on Valentine’s Day (So no choccies please Mr.B).

I always give up crisps for lent, as Doritos are my weakness it is a real commitment!! My brave baby girl is giving up chocolate (which is a really big deal as she’s a total chocoholic…must get it from her daddy! 😉 ) so I’m doing it with her for moral support (and maybe a little bit because I still want a new dress for my cousin’s wedding).

So basically, I might need some PMA to keep me going at times, but doing it for Christ is the real reason- so that will sustain us.

Also, our car’s MOT is due on Monday (prayers appreciated) so am trying not to dwell on it. Y’all know I love to plan and budget for stuff; while we have some money put aside for it, the not knowing whether it’ll be £50 or £500 really winds me up- even really bad news is palatable when you know and can plan around it!

So I am keeping my focus elsewhere because at the end of the day we’ll have to pay it as we need the car. She’s nobody’s dream car as she’s mostly plastic and kinda lame but I love that she runs on next-to-nothing, (I literally did a 30min journey Wednesday and the fuel gauge didn’t move!) she also is small and therefore lower tax costs and she’s like the lowest mileage of any car we’ve ever had so there’s life in the old girl yet!

We hope to meet up with friends in the holidays and have a work day for teenager’s homework, Mr.B’s new venture and my crafts- did I mention my Etsy shop? 😉

So I’m pumped and positive (if we ignore the MOT) and ready to go…. what are your plans for the holibubs?

Have a good one whatever you’re doing 🙂

Anna x


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