A good day

Evening Peeps!

Been busy today and not got to you until now; my apologies.

As you all know, it’s MOT day… thankfully it only needed 3 things doing so just came in at the top of our budget…thank you God! So that was awesome and I get my car back tomorrow. ☺

We had some dear friends and their lovely munchkins over for lunch. They haven’t seen teenager for ages and we haven’t seen their eldest for a while so it was great to see how they have all grown and interact with each other. 😍

This afternoon missy had two of her friends come to stay over; so they’ve eaten junk, made a mess of the kitchen and giggled their heads off! 😁😄 Love the joy sleepovers bring to a home!

There are rough days, but it’s so lovely when you get a day like this- to remember…just thought I’d share. ☺

Laters Peeps xx


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