Happy Pancake Day!

Afternoon Peeps!

It’s Shrove Tuesday, so tomorrow begins Lent! We have pancakes on this day as they were used to clear out the pantry before fasting begins. Lent is just over 40 days to represent the 40 that Jesus fasted in the desert, overcoming temptation. Interestingly, there are enough spare days over 40 that you can stop fasting for communion on Sundays and still do 40 days before Easter….didn’t know that until I was an adult, but as I’ve never totally fasted or given up bread/wine I will not break on Sundays as it’s too hard to be dedicated again on Mondays!

We began our day with pancakes as our 2 sleepover guests requested it-we usually have ours as dessert at teatime, but guest rules mean they choose breakfast. My batter recipe can be found here, today I did half plain flour and half wholemeal as I didn’t know if our guests were wholemeal lovers but didn’t want bland white ones. We topped them with sugar or honey, jam or raisins. 🙂 Yummy!

I went out and got the car- cheaper than the quote, so that made my day- and some treats. The teenager and I made the most of it not being Lent yet by having crisps and chocolate with our lunch (much to the joy of remaining sleepover party who happily shared our junk-food feast)!

I’ve done some more work on my Etsy shop and Mr.B has been hard at the paperwork. So now we’re chillaxing and waiting for our yummy Root Veg Stew to be ready for tea. (Much needed healthy food after copious amounts of chocolate!) 🙂

Have a lovely, pancakey evening.

see ya later!

Anna xx



Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash


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