School Holidays

Morning Peeps!

I’m enjoying the holidays and think the teenager is too!

The thing is that I’m often asked if pupils should work through the holidays. Parents want their kids to do the best they can, which is great…but we live in a society that puts tremendous pressure on children to achieve.

Children will have homework to do, so that needs sorting- whether you do a bit at a time or a whole day is dependent on how your child works best and the time you have available. That homework is enough! Unless they have coursework or are taking GCSEs (or higher) this summer, then let them rest.

Can you imagine working all through your holidays? No, me neither. Whatever age the child is (GCSE or not) they’ve worked non-stop since Christmas and need some days clear of school work. As a tutor with a daughter nearing the end of compulsory education, you’d think I’d be pushier than any other parent in the country….I promise you today is the first day she’s done anything like work this week; and I’m fine with that.

If you have a teenager doing coursework or revision, then a second day should do it. The important thing is to be flexible…they might need an extra day or want to do it all at one end of the holidays so they can enjoy the other half. That’s cool. As long as they’ve done any homework or coursework they have to then let them work how they need to…relaxation is good for them and if the work is done, does it matter when?

Post-holidays you can start to build the revision sessions up but try to keep them calm and a reasonable length (no more than an hour per subject at a time). See my Revision Time! post for more tips or visit my school page on Pinterest.

So I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays with your little scholars!

Anna x


Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash


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