Parenting Is Weird

Morning Peeps!

I’m trying to be calm and rational, but I’m not sure it’s working! Parenting’s fun, isn’t it? I love being a mum (and as you know my whole life’s work is also with kiddos….just call me mother hen) but it does mess with you sometimes: your emotions can mix in a way you never thought possible! Like the first time they run off in a store and you find them; you don’t know whether to hug them or kill them!

My daughter is well past that stage (in fact getting her to shop in actual store at all is quite a novelty) but she still continues to surprise me.

For no obvious reason, (other than perhaps turning a year older a couple of weeks ago) she’s started doing more than her share of chores, cooking more and shutting her door at night! All at once.

I’m so proud of her for her thoughtfulness and the great job she’s doing, but those mixed emotions hit me with the ‘baby growing up’  thing.

I said I wouldn’t do that, but here I am doing it. I don’t like people saying they grow up too fast because I love the things I can do with her now (like the Christmas market) that I couldn’t have done when she was small.

While I love the idea that she can look after herself (not least that she could make actual food when she goes to college) the door thing bugs me. I feel like an addict who’s just gone cold turkey because I can’t peep in and see her sleeping face when I go to bed. I know it’s ridiculous and me checking on her all those years wouldn’t change anything but still…

Sometimes as a parent you just have to let go a bit, even if this means internally talking yourself down from hysteria LOL

Aside from that, enjoying the positives and the stage they’re at help keep you sane…well almost sane. 😉

I’m looking forward to more movies and outings that us grown-up girls can appreciate. 🙂

What are you looking forward to as your bubbas grow?

Have a great day!

Anna x


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