Helloooooo Peeps!

I wanted some inspiration for lunches and boy did I find some!

Lunch in our house is usually a quick sandwich, soup or Tortillas, but I’m bored and I want to reduce my high GI carbs so went looking for new recipes to try.

One Lifestyle Mum is a blog I recently discovered and she has dozens of ‘school lunch’ recipes on her site and I could totally eat one myself!

‘Life with Ktkinnes’ did this awesome post on healthy office lunches that are straightforward and very healthy…definitely worth a try.

Also, because of the family stuff I follow, YouTube recommended The Family Fudge channel for me and I discovered that they do a series called bunches of lunches where the mum shows a whole week of fab packed lunches, so I’ve added the latest one in below…Totally want an adult-sized one!


So I hope you feel inspired for your lunches, I know I do!

Have a fab Thursday!

Anna x


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