Afternoon Peeps!

I don’t very often do these blog prompts, but today’s word is ‘congregate’ which fits exactly with what I want to say.

Church this morning was AWESOME!  We were gathered together this morning for the last time in our old meeting hall as next week we move into our new church home! 🙂

It was a beautiful service because we are all so thankful for what God has done, the workers that were honoured this morning, the finances, the right people to do certain jobs….it’s been a long time waiting and hoping and praying.

Our new set-up will also give us more opportunity to meet with people and help our community. So we just took the time this morning to ‘congregate’ and thank God for what has been.. and look forward to the excitement to come!! 🙂 🙂

God bless you peeps!

Anna x

via Daily Prompt: Congregate


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