Visual Learning

Morning Peeps!

If you are a teacher, parent, homeschooler or even trying to learn something yourself, then PLEASE read this,

I’ve been working with a young lad with additional needs and he struggles with the length of lessons and panics if there are too many worksheets. A couple of weeks ago I tried a visual representation of the maths we were doing (using Dice and connect 4 counters to do fractions) and he was really excited to do it!

I’ve tried the same method with some older and more able students (and extended the work to make it more challenging) and they all loved it!

It doesn’t matter if they were 10 or 15, willing to learn or more fidgety, or even if they were visual learners or not…they all said it was fun and made more sense!

We all have strengths in different areas of learning but everybody wants it to be interesting. The sad fact is that once a child leaves primary school there is very little visual stimulation in their Maths lessons.

They respond well to bright colours, something they can do and touch or even build…why does that have to stop at 11?

So if you’re struggling to learn something, or teach it, then try something to look at or interact with, I bet you’ll see a difference.

Have a happy Tuesday 🙂

Anna x


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