10 Things I Always Buy Cheap

Morning Peeps!

People always seem shocked that I buy so much Supermarket-own-brand stuff. I know it freaks a lot of them out that we live off Sainsbury’s Basics range.

Many consumer and money shows have tested the brands and usually find a cheaper one is preferred to a household name in a blind test. Furthermore, they ask a nutritionist to check the content is up to standard and it always seems to be.

I should just say that there are differences between the supermarkets, for instance, I prefer the Sainsbury’s cheese but the Morrison’s biscuits, so it’s worth trying your local ones before committing a whole shop to it. Give it time though, to start with the ketchup tasted tangier than the Heinz I was used to, but now I can’t have Heinz because it’s too sweet!

So these are my top 10 Sainsbury’s own-brand products:

  1. Basics Toilet Roll. It goes down the loo; it doesn’t need to be fancy!
  2. Flour. I’m not paying £2 for a small bag when a big bag of supermarket flour is like 85p!
  3. Shampoo: I was buying the cheapest brand name one but needed an anti-dandruff treatment and was horrified at the price. Sainsbury’s do one that looks very similar to Head & Shoulders but is around £1 and does a better job! (Admittedly it’s weird; so thick that rubbing hands together to lather it won’t work…you leave handprints in it! Need to apply some to each hand and smooth it on, but is brilliant!) Star buy.
  4. Dishwasher tablets are soooooo much cheaper than their brand-named counterparts…like literally half the price!
  5. Cloths and sponges…why are there even options? You clean with them and bin them when they’re worn out, Get the cheapest possible.
  6. Pet food and cat litter: may be a taste thing but my dog will only eat Sainsbury’s own (won’t even eat other supermarket ones) and cat litter comes under the same theory as loo roll…in fact any single-use stuff!…don’t waste your money on it.
  7. Bread. 55p or more than double for the Hovis version. People often say the bread is white rubbish, but supermarkets also do their own brown and multigrain so it doesn’t have to be unhealthy.
  8. Biscuits and fun-size chocolate bars. A lot of kids come to my house, I just couldn’t afford to keep them all in McVities! I actually prefer the Sainsbury’s Mars bar things to actual Mars!
  9. Lemonade isn’t something we buy a lot of but is another one of those things you can buy for half the price of the branded one, so when we do get it it’s a no-brainer.
  10. Tea and coffee: I know the barista lovers among you will be horrified but I do. 80 teabags for under £1 says it all really.


In all honesty, there are very few things I don’t buy own-brand. Cheap margarine and stock cubes are about the only things I can think of off-hand.

So have a try and see what you like, it might just save you a small fortune!

Have a good one and stay safe in the snow!

Anna x


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