A Good Book

Morning Peeps!

I just want to share with you that my awesome uncle Andy has written his autobiography!

He’s a genuinely lovely guy who’s led an amazing life in the forces, running a skydiving school and all the other things he does on the side. (Like his current goal of walking the whole SouthWest coastal path and entering HUGE marathons!) I’ve had the privilege of knowing him practically my whole life and I have even done a tandem skydive at his airfield!

So if you want to buy his book ‘Type T’ and read about all the exciting times he’s had so far, then you can get a paperback copy here or download it onto your Kindle from here.

Also, his book’s Facebook page will give you more info and if you go to Jo Lambert’s writing blog you can read an interview with him. 🙂

I hope you will read and enjoy it, I know I will!

Catch ya later peeps!

Anna x


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