Keep Life Interesting

Moening Peeps!

I struggle with change when it happens (like someone cancelling plans with me or unexpected bills) largely because I like to plan waaaaayy in advance. But I also like change (when I’ve got used to the idea) because doing the same thing all the time can be kinda boring.

We try to stay positive when things change and we try to find fun new things to do. Checking out a new coffee shop, walking a different way to a usual destination, seeing a new film for the first time.

None of these things are Earth-shatteringly amazing and unusual, but it’s your attitude that makes them worthwhile: I want to spend time with my family and enjoy ourselves. There is always the risk that the film might be lousy or the new route might get you lost, but the point is that we tried.

We stepped out of our comfort zone to try something, we had time together and worse case scenario is that it doesn’t work out but that still gives us life experience, something to talk about and laugh at in the future.

So basically, we want to try new stuff and not worry; have fun without stressing and create some memories. (Even the ones that go wrong and can only be laughed at!)

What do you want to try? What films are you looking forward to? How do you cope when things don’t go to plan?

Stay positive and enjoy your Friday my lovely peeps!

Anna x


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