Happy Mother’s Day

Morning Peeps!

If you’re in the UK the Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re in the US then happy daylight savings day šŸ˜‰

I love the fact that mother’s day exists (even if it’s not today where you are) because it gives time to appreciate the hard-working mums out there.

I love that several churches I know make things with the kids and give them to every female in the church, even those who don’t have children or whose children aren’t around…because the whole church is involved in raising a child, it’s a community.

I can’t stand this over-PC stuff of not doing mother’s and father’s days in some schools and at some clubs: we know not everyone has both but they will have some sort of role model of that gender, so it’s a good day to thank them.

So just thanks to all the female role-models out there, especially the ones who won’t get someĀ time out today becauseĀ they’re working hard.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Anna x


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