SATs Practice

Morning Peeps!

If you have a child in year 5 0r 6 (aged 10-11) then you probably know the SATs tests are in May.

Parents keep asking me for practice papers so their child can get some extra revision in. I will put some links below, but first, a word of warning: Most children will be taking the Level 3-5 papers in Maths and English. If they are taking the level 6 paper you should know by now but please check with your child’s school if you are unsure. A lot of parents assume level 6 paper for year 8 pupils, but it doesn’t work like that (Level 6 is for the most able students). Even if your child sits the level 6, it will not hurt them to revise some level 3-5 papers.


Some schools do optional papers for science or year 9 (key stage 3) and even if they don’t, those are a good marker to see if your child is on track. do all of them at all ages/levels.

Maths made easy is obviously a maths specialist. They have lots of revision sheets, online tests and printables to explore. You can pick the age group/key stage you need from KS1 to A-level, so Key Stage 2 (for our Year 6 pupils) is included in that.

SATs Tests Online provides Key Stage 2 Maths, English and the optional Science papers. They are categorised by the type of paper so it’s easy to find just paper A maths or the reading booklet for English if you know your child needs to revise a specific area. I’m sure a lot of teachers use this one as it’s layout is similar to how we get mark schemes and such.

There are several more, including the TES website for teachers and IXL (some of that is free and some will have a small charge), but I’m sure the ones I’ve given you will keep you going for weeks!

Remember to balance all this revision with some downtime and have a look at my other education blogs for some more top tips.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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