God and Water

Morning Peeps!

Washing my face in the shower this morning, I suddenly thought “God really knew what He was doing with this water stuff,” I felt instantly more awake and then began to ponder the use of water in the Bible.

I began by thinking about the Old Testament rituals of washing and being clean before God, can totally see how beneficial that is to the body and soul while enjoying my shower. “Thank you God for warm, clean water.”

Then how the Bible uses water to teach us stuff, especially when Jesus spoke. We are told to ‘thirst’ for the right things….and God provided water for the thirsty many times in Old and New Testaments alike.

It also shows us God’s power; He parted the sea for Moses and caused Jonah’s change of direction and Jesus calmed the storm. Can certainly see the power of God and the beauty of His creation when we live this close to the sea! ❤ “Thank you God for being with us through the storms.”

Water is used in Baptism to show the burial of old, sinful ways and the commitment to a new life resurrected in Christ. “Thank you God for my salvation and that of my family.”

Also appropriate to the song I have in my head from Sunday’s worship; seems like a good excuse to add it in here…I love this:


I’m sure there are a hundred more examples of using water in the Bible and so many more things to thank God for, but that was all I could think of in the time it took to shower. Feel free to add your own thoughts to the comments.

Have a great Monday Peeps!

Anna x


2 thoughts on “God and Water

  1. Beautiful post about water! I have had the same thoughts about water and how God mentions is so many times in the Bible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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