Food Budget Trade-Off

How-do Peeps!

If you’ve read any of my budgeting posts before, you’ll know I have a very strict food budget. For that reason, I am a huge fan of buying the supermarket-own value/basic products.

Recently though, we’ve been told several things to make us reconsider:

  1. The whole region is trying to go plastic-free where possible
  2. There is uncertainty about the availability of foreign produce once we begin to leave the EU
  3. The farmers are suffering from trading with the supermarkets (our supermarket is also in the process of making redundancies, which makes them less popular at the moment)
  4. There is more choice available now locally than there was before.

So a couple of weeks ago we signed up for the local dairy’s milk deliveries (you may have seen my Instagram picture, shown above)…proper old-fashioned glass milk bottles that are delivered to your door. We are supporting a local farm and shop, the glass bottles are sterilised and reused (no plastic) and the price is reasonable.

The price is 65p per pint, which is near enough the same as buying the single pints in the supermarket. Admittedly, we were buying the big plastic containers of milk so it was cheaper than buying single pints, but this is comparable (and delivered, I might add!) and it has all the aforementioned advantages. I know the farmers get a much higher percentage of the price than they would out of a big store, so everyone’s happy. 🙂

We started looking at other things in our local farm store that we could buy; potatoes come in huge paper sacks and are excellent value. For about the price of 2 polythene bags from Sainsbury’s, I can get 3x the amount of potatoes, from local farms and in a recyclable bag! They also sell large trays of eggs for a supermarket-equivalent price which are, most importantly, from well looked-after hens.

The thing that really surprised me was the cheese counter. You expect artisan cheeses to be pricey, but their brie was only 20p different from the Sainsbury’s Value one and the goat’s cheese was actually cheaper!

So I think the few extra pence of not buying the milk in bulk is worth it. It has also brought us to our local store to discover these other finds… they may not be the cheapest bargain ever but are close enough to warrant paying it, especially considering the benefits to our community and environment.

What do you buy locally?

Have a good day.

Anna x

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