Maundy Thursday

Morning Peeps!

Happy Thursday! If you get bank holidays off, then I’m sure you know today is the last working day this week/month!! 🙂 (Props to the awesome emergency/care services that work right through.)

It could also be your last day of Lent: If you’ve given up something for Lent, I bet you’re counting the hours. The Christian church usually allows a fasting person Sundays off (in order to take Communion, I tried one year but it was too hard to start again Monday, so I failed) so Lent is actually longer than 40 days. If you haven’t had Sundays off, Lent ends tonight: The Last Supper happened the night before the Crucifixion and was, in essence, the first Communion.

Even if you think Easter starts with Good Friday, you can still end Lent tonight as the Jewish calendar begins the days at sunset the day before.

Aside from the fact that it’s the last day of school and work and we get to eat chocolate again after, it is a day to give (as our lovely Queen does), a day to remember the betrayal and why we shouldn’t turn from Christ.

The day when Jesus told us what would happen; His body would be broken and His blood would be shed. The followers at the time had no idea what was about to happen,  but we know! The hideous thing that followed led to the Glory of the Resurrection!! So if you take Communion today (or at any point this Easter) remember what He went through for us, but also rest in the knowledge that this wasn’t the end! Be joyful and grateful when you remember…


Have a blessed day and weekend!

Anna x





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