Good Friday



It’s a holiday for a lot of people, but whether you’re working or not I wish you the best day possible.

As a kid, I always wondered why it was called ‘Good Friday’ when someone died, but now I understand. Jesus died for us that we might be called good in front of God’s throne and be accepted into everlasting life! Good doesn’t even begin to cover it!!

Thank you Jesus!

An interesting side note is that it could be interpreted as “God’s Friday” (which would make a whole lot of sense) because God and Good have often been interchanged by history… goodbye is an abbreviation of “God be with ye,” for example. So it’s God’s day.

We have lots of exciting things today: The walk of witness and open-air service at midday, first Friday market of the year, Church for Communion this evening and lots of family time 🙂 but we need to remember to focus on what today is really about.

I hope you all have a blessed day, with fun, family and time to meditate on what He did for us.

God bless,

Anna x


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