Graze Box Snacks!

Happy Friday Peeps!

Have you seen Graze boxes advertised or seen individual snacks for sale in stores? The boxes have 4 snacks in for about £4 (although to new customers, there is often a free or half price box available).

  • They are healthy and as natural as possible (but not necessarily low-calorie)
  • You can go to the website and choose what goes into them
  • You can choose the frequency of the boxes
  • You can snooze or cancel membership at any time

I loved mine but have had to cut it out so we can adjust our budget.

My favourite snack of theirs would have to be the Billionaire’s Shortbread box. I’m sure you know that millionaire’s shortbread is a biscuit base with caramel and chocolate on top, well the Graze version replaces the biscuit with dried fruit and nuts. It’s kind of a deconstructed version, with the fudge and chocolate in small pieces amongst the fruit and nuts. Basically, it’s yummy but pricey at around a quid per snack.

So I went in search of my own version:

I bought:

  • Dried Cranberries (I think they were 85p) currently priced £1
  • Chocolate chips 80p
  • Mini fudge pieces (for cake decorating) £1.50
  • Mixed nuts I already had, but almonds can be bought for £1.25

Total £4.55

This seems pricey but just wait…


I took a serving of each (or close to 50Kcal worth if there was too high a serving value), chopped the nuts and larger cranberries and mixed it all together.

This gave me a box of around 200kcals and about 50g (which is comparable to theirs). The thing is I could do 8 or 9 of these for the £3.50-4.50 I spent, making them 50p (if you had to buy nuts) or less per box as opposed to the £1 each or 4 boxes you’d get from Graze at the price I paid!


It tasted gorgeous and that one pot was my snack for a whole day (200Kcal is about right for a day’s snacking on the eating plan I’m following). Sweet treats and healthy fruit and nuts.

No offence to Graze, I’m still a fan and like the odd treat in the post, but will definitely be doing these again! 🙂

I have started looking at other recipes I could replicate, so if you enjoyed this please let me know and I’ll keep doing them!

Happy munching! 🙂

Anna x


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