You Can’t Out-Give God

Evening Peeps!

Been a lovely day here 🙂 How about where you are?

Last week I had a fairly big tithe to put in (because of end-of-the-month pay) but was wrestling with the fact that we were going to be tighter on money this month. Tithing our 10% to God hasn’t always come easily or naturally to us but I committed and put it in.

On Monday we were gifted 1.5 times that amount I’d put in! Over the Easter week, we’ve been given a meal, Easter treats and several other blessings.

God doesn’t give to us in just terms of money and stuff either! We’ve had dozens of people praying for Mr.B’s health, (see Spring Update) even people we haven’t seen for ages, and he’s had a few better days this week, Praise God! We’ve been so touched by the blessing of prayerful friends and family; thank you all.

We’ve had the opportunity to help others and do God’s work; we have had awesome worship and sermons; we’ve seen God working in our lives and setting a path for the future.

Basically, God is amazing and can bless you more than you thought possible! We can’t doubt it, we’ve seen the evidence ourselves!

Please pray and remain faithful, ask someone if you need help or prayer and keep believing because He knows what you need and is working!!

God Bless,

Anna x


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