Time, Not Money

Morning Peeps!

Just a little parenting thought for you all. I’m sure we all know that time is a precious commodity and it is better spent on our children than spending tons of cash on them.

I guess I’m sharing with you the proof of that statement. Mr.B and I were talking about more things we can do to spend time with our teenager (before she runs off to university and travel, etc.) We were both recollecting our happy childhood memories…and not once did anything more expensive than a visit to the model village come up. Most of the stuff we loved was free… my favourite memories nearly all involve the 2 cousins I saw most; we went blackberry picking and to the park, we went to the beach and got soaked! All good fun 🙂 Mr.B said much the same; walks in the woods, visiting his Gran and Auntie…you know, the everyday free stuff!

Yesterday I took my daughter and her bestie to a trampoline park (indoor one) and it cost me about £30 (£9 each to bounce, trampoline socks £2 and drinks and petrol). I don’t mind a bit as she usually gets one treat/day out in the holidays, she knows it’s instead of cinema (not in addition to) and the drinks and food were reasonably priced there.

The thing that saddened me it the miserable looking parents and kids arguing/being bossy because they knew where they were going/what they were doing. They were obviously so used to going it wasn’t a treat anymore, almost expected.

So I just wanted to remind us all that the free things can produce the best memories and the treats should be special, not accepted as the norm.

Have a great Thursday

Anna x


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