More Ways To Save

Morning Peeps!

A little while back I wrote a couple of posts about savings (Financial Check-Up and Different Saving Styles). We want to save more now because we have some long-term goals, a daughter who will head off to university in not many years and we actually can save now we’re debt-free!

I’m sure at some point or other I’ve mentioned saving a set amount or percentage per month or saving a penny each day (1p the first day, 2p the next and so on). You can find these on my Pinterest Budgeting Board along with many others…now I’ve saved a few Pinterest keeps recommending more.

My 2 new favourites are; one where you add a (specified) amount every 5 days for 90 days or the one Mr.B found where you work in weeks: day 1 you put in £1, day 2 £2…up to £7, then start again with £1 the next week.

So I just thought I’d throw those out there, but there are dozens on Pinterest so go and find one that suits your budget.



  1. don’t be over-ambitious and put food money in or something because you’ll end up dipping into savings and once you’ve done it it’s easy to keep dipping!
  2. A friend of mine did the penny a day thing and gave me a complete revelation… I would start saving 1p, 2p 3p and so on, but she said she printed off the sheet of payments for the year and ticked them off (good idea) but that meant she didn’t have to do them in order! I was blown away by this simple trick because as long as you do one of each amount, it doesn’t matter when you do them…she did a couple of the bigger ones first when she was enthusiastic and on paydays, which meant that around her daughter’s birthday and Christmas she put in only small pence amounts, thus helping her gift budget!! Just WOW…thank you Katie! 🙂 (This would work for all those I’ve mentioned, not just the penny one.)

So I hope that helps you towards your savings goals…good luck!

Anna x


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