Let The Sunshine In

Morning Peeps!

Firstly, Happy Saturday! 🙂

I went out this morning with Bailey and was cold to start with, but I walked from shadow into the sunlight and the warmth was incredible! It made me smile because it was so much appreciated.

I want to exercise more and feel that being outdoors is good for me mentally and spiritually, as well as physically. Today it seems so easy.

Take the time today to appreciate the sun (if you have it today), the fact that spring is here and heading for summer, the things that grow and generally any natural beauty.

Remembering to be thankful for these little things helps us to be thankful in attitude towards other things. Taking the time to stop and admire the view can help us de-stress and reorganise our thoughts. Basically, there’s no good reason not to do it and tons of reasons why we should. 🙂

Have a Beautiful Saturday Peeps!

Anna x


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