Back To The Grindstone/The Final Push

Morning Peeps!

Today (or at some point this week) the schools go back for Summer Term….yes, summer… even though we’ve not really had spring yet!

For many kids (and teachers) this is the beginning of the final slog, exams are imminent.

Remind them to try their best, keep calm and that there’s always another chance.

Some GCSEs and A-Levels have already begun with oral and practical exams, but by the end of this month/beginning of May, we will be in full swing… English and Maths GCSEs are spread over the weeks either side of May half term, but potentially their last exam may not be until mid-June! That’s a loooong time for them to be stressed; try to give them some downtime from revision and such…even if it means ditching a regular chore or club for a few weeks.

SATs are always the week after May Bank Holiday (so this year that’s the week with the 16th in)! They seem very close (especially to year 6 pupils and teachers) but the good news is that they only last for that week.

For most children, this will be the first time they are really put under this level of stress with proper (external) testing. Make sure they know why they’re doing it: Firstly, it affects the teachers/school much more than it does them because they’re being assessed for what they need to do next year. Secondly, it’s to prepare them for secondary school with levels of work and different topics etc. Thirdly, (and perhaps most importantly for the anxious ones,) it will only matter for a few months… The level they get may have an effect on the set they are put in at secondary school to start with, but by Christmas the Secondary school will have done their own tests and move you if necessary…no one will ever ask for their KS2 SATs results again.

I’ve been teaching for 10 years so please feel free to ask me questions or check out my advice and revision tips on my Education page.

Good luck kids, I’m praying for you all!

Anna x


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