Child-Like Theology


Howdy Peeps!

I’ve been thinking about that verse a lot since I’ve been reading the Anne of Green Gables books…again. Love them so and have done since I was younger than she is in the first book!

If you don’t know the stories I highly recommend them, but here’s a quick breakdown; the first book begins with Anne at 11 years old, she is adopted and put through traditional schooling and religious instruction (Set in Victorian Canada, so very traditional) and this wild child grows throughout the books to become a college student, teacher, wife and mother.

At every stage, whether it’s Anne herself or a child in her care that is the cause, there is some sort of accident or mischief that causes a sensation and makes the more traditional generation believe the girl is crazy! (Always a good thing 🙂 )

The thing I love is how Anne prays (much to the horror of her adoptive mother) because it’s much more like the way we (try to) pray today. There is one scene early on where she states she never learned how to pray and the horrified lady of the house asks her to do so, right there and then…and is even more horrified by the result (subsequently vowing to teach her The Lord’s Prayer the very next day)! But to me, what Anne prayed was beautiful and sincere; she thanked God for her room and the trees and the fun she was going to have and asked Him to change the things she didn’t like…I love it.

Later, she is the one to answer all the ‘odd’ questions young children ask about God when the elders recoil from them.

It’s just a beautiful example of that verse in the Bible that says to be child-like: Not to be childish, but adopt the inquisitiveness, the wonder and the honest prayer style a child has.

I guess we’re all still learning how to walk the Christian life and Jesus knew we needed a child’s example. I’m thankful for that example (and for the amazing literature that brought it to my mind) and I’m so grateful we live in a world and time when we can pray like that!

Have a blessed Tuesday my lovelies!

Anna x


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