Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Final Trailer!

Morning Peeps!

SPOILERS AHEAD…you have been warned!



When I wrote the post 2 Months To Go!! JWFK I did say they were gonna release the last trailer before the end of April, well last week Universal gave us the teaser trailer (above) saying this full one would be out Wednesday… so here it is!


I loved the teaser trailer, the indoraptor reveal ad the Mosasaur after that surfer…!

The Final trailer gave me mixed feelings.

Good points:

  1. More of the caged Rexy scene
  2. ‘Only 11 species’ bit gives us a look at the new character (obviously shifty) but he gets Claire to work with him so it’s open to whether her morals are pure…
  3. Owen and Blue relationship ❤ obviously the main theme here
  4. Nice shots of Visitor Centre and some Pteranodons
  5. Helicopter and boat shots seeing more dinosaurs being air-lifted
  6. Lots of Indoraptor shots (I like how it includes bits from other trailers but in a new timeline) and we now know it’s part of the auction
  7. I’m glad we don’t see the outcome of the Mosasaur and surfers scene.
  8. Still kept that ‘money shot’ from the first trailer of Rexy stood on the Carnotaurus’ neck (in front of an erupting volcano!) and roaring in true JP style
  9. Underwater scene with I-rex skeleton and eye close up (I assume of Mosasaur) is a nice nod to the car scene in first JP film (y’know, the bit that gave my 9-year-old self nightmares!)
  10. That Rexy and Mosasaur scene with the rain and the dude on the helicopter ladder…that right there is the best sequence!
  11. The humour and sarcasm of Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum!! ❤
  12. I-Raptor hanging over the French windows and opening the handle; terrifying and a nice nod to the ones in the kitchen in the original Jurassic Park film 🙂


Not So Good Points:

All the way along with the trailers for this film I was protesting when people said they’d revealed too much, but I think they may have now 😦

  1. They show Blue being darted and shot… if you’ve ever seen a JP or JW film before you kind of expect the trigger-happy idiot, but the thing that upset me is that the darting shows why she called for help; which has just ruined half the good theories from the previous trailer analysis :/
  2. They ruined my point 2 on the good side with Claire’s tantrum on the beach
  3. Dr Wu is shown so the fan theory about him being missing to start with is a non-starter (but I’m still glad he’s back)
  4. Close-up of caged I-raptor is quite clearly animatronic…makes it less scary
  5. immediately after (puppet) I-raptor in the cage, you see a very weird shot of Blue and Owen talking and then blowing up the lab (which is cool). I don’t like that rendering of Blue’s close-up, it seems out of proportion or something just doesn’t look like her (and that’s if we can ignore/accept the fact that, despite 4 years of feral living, she understands what Owen is saying!)
  6. Giving away that Blue is only one left and that they obviously want her DNA (although I assumed that was to make more raptors or I-raptors in the lab, but I just saw a trailer analysis that suggested I-raptor is male so they could reproduce naturally, if he hasn’t killed Blue…would leave it open for Blue offspring in JW3!)


Can’t decide if it’s good or bad, but the possibility is there of killing off Owen; because he jokes about it, it would be a good plot twist (but would mean losing the gorgeous Chris Pratt).. one of the many analysis videos I’ve watched in the last 16ish hours suggested he’s the guy on the ladder, but I doubt it. It could be Mr ’11 species’ which would give the bad guy his comeuppance but he could be mistaken for Chris if seen quickly, I did wonder when I saw him if they’re related (either in film or in real life).

Overall, I’m still excited and there are still unanswered questions so I guess they haven’t ruined it (definitely more pluses than minuses)….and I’m most definitely still going to see it!! 🙂 🙂

What do you think?

Have a fun Thursday!

Anna x




4 thoughts on “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Final Trailer!

  1. I looked up the cast and apparently, the ’11 species’ dude is Rafe Spall!! As in son of Timothy Spall/ Life of Pi actor!!!…. Not related to Chris Pratt then, but I still think it might be him that is Mosasaur chow!


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