National Tea Day

Morning Peeps!

Happy National Tea Day!

I am totally on board for making today a national holiday…. in fact, I think we should demand it! With St George’s day on Monday, this is certainly a good weekend to be English.

Most people would shoot down the link between tea and Britain as it is not traditionally grown here. Well I’m sorry but you can’t use that argument anymore; we have a Cornish tea (and coffee) company! 🙂

I love tea (can you tell?) and aside from the patriotism, it has other benefits; you can get herbal and medicinal teas to help with everything from digestion to breastfeeding.

My regular tea also goes very nicely with sweet treats…so today I have a good excuse to make a cake or two. 😉 You could have the classic Cream Tea with scones and jam and cream…definitely always available around here with Cornish bakeries, Cornish Cream, local farm jam and the aforementioned local tea…. just don’t ask which goes on the scone first out of the jam and cream, it may cause riots! 😉

Some more random facts for you; today is also International Astronomy Day and part of National Pet Month…. so if you want to really appreciate today, get the telescope or binoculars out tonight and take advantage of the clear sky (while it lasts). This should be done with a pet for company and a cup of tea in hand for best effect!  Sounds like a plan to me! 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday…even you weird people who don’t drink tea 😉 I’m off to round up my cat, dog and binoculars!

Anna x


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