Wednesday Blog For All

How-do Peeps!

This was totally meant to be a sensible blog post about recipes or education or something…but I couldn’t do that without mentioning that it’s WORLD PENGUIN DAY!

So those little guys are not there because it’s 8 months til Christmas (although it is) they’re here to remind us of the variety and conservation of these adorable critters!

Please go and check out the WWF page to learn more about penguin conservation…you can even adopt one. 🙂

So, let’s do this blog thing:

Recipe of choice: Mushroom Chili from ‘Cooking With A Wallflower’

Fascinating Faith post: Help Me Believe‘s post on the Doctrination of Children

Education inspiration: Quotes to inspire reading over at ‘Learn Fun Facts’

Awesome new Budgeting Find: ‘Budgets are Sexy’- the less you spend the less you need awesome stuff, I’m so following them now!

Parenting whilst budgeting…bonus! Jenny at ‘This Tiny Blue House’ shared this blog on Frugal Birthday Parties a little while ago…well worth a read before you spend a fortune!

So I hope that’s got you all thinking! 😉

I’m off to make creepy crawlies out of cake cases (yay for toddler group!)

Laters Peeps!

Anna xx


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