Hi-de-ho Peeps!

I want to talk to you about prayer and meditation.

Mr.B has been studying James Allen’s books and one of them talks in-depth about meditation, so we started talking about it in our little family. The word meditation freaks a lot of people out because it conjures up ideas of chanting and being untrue to your own religion…or even just yoga on the Wii.

The actual meaning of the word though is to think about something (implied in silence or away from distractions). When applied to our prayer lives, it simply means time to listen to God and spend quiet time in His presence. So if you ask or tell something in prayer, give God time to answer!

You can do this as part of your prayer time, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to you. You can go out into nature and think about God or even as a spirit-filled space in your worship time.

I guess it hit us with one of those revelations that seems so obvious that you wonder why you didn’t think of it. We were taught, as children often are, to pray and read the Bible and to worship…nobody said to just be silent and listen. Even as adults the idea of silence is somewhat foreign to modern society, I know I will have to consciously make time for this.

It just made us stop and think about our spiritual lives, which can’t be a bad thing… thought I’d share with you to help you on your spiritual journey.

Have a good one,

Anna x


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