Royal Babies

Morning Peeps!

I, like the rest of the world, am waiting to hear what the new 5th in-line to the throne will be called.

So here are my thoughts on what he’ll be called;

I think it would be nice to honour prince Philip, as we don’t know how much longer he’ll be here.

I don’t think Arthur because it’s a well-known fact that Princess Diana didn’t like its inclusion in William’s name.

I think some papers and bet-makers have said Edward or Andrew, but if they picked one of Wills’ uncle’s names they would risk offending the other.

I don’t think Jack or James or whatever doesn’t have a family tie.

Kate may like to get her dad’s name Michael in there somewhere.

Not Alexander because it’s George’s middle name already, same with Louis.

Likely to include Charles as when he becomes king the Prince of Wales title should go to the newborn.
I think Albert is quite likely, due to the popularity of Victoriana and period dramas in this country… and Bertie would be quite cute. So I predict…

Albert Philip Charles (or Charles Philip)


Cool side fact: With the birth of her little brother, Princess Charlotte made history: She is the first female to retain her place in the line to the throne and not be ousted by a younger male! The law was changed when they were expecting George, so Charlotte stays 4th….wasn’t she adorable going into the hospital?!!

More baby fun for the Royals ahead as Pippa is rumoured to be expecting and Zara Philips is expecting her second…and I can’t imagine Harry and Meghan will wait that long after their wedding in 3 weeks’ time!!!

Yay for weddings and babies!!

Just thought I’d have some fun and throw my hat into the ring as it were…so we’ll wait and see.

Laters Peeps!

Anna xx


One thought on “Royal Babies

  1. So apparently he is Louis Arthur Charles, so the Charles is in there and the Louis is something about Prince Philip’s granddad so that’s nice for him and I guess the Arthur is after his daddy. ❤


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