Faith and Finances

Howdy Peeps!

Firstly, I was way off the mark yesterday with the royal baby name but there was something on the radio about someone thinking they saw Albert on the palace website…I’m really glad they were wrong because it seems inappropriate to tell a couple’s baby details before they announce it themselves, however famous they may be!

Second order of business: Facebook tells me it’s “pay it forward” day. So if you can bless someone with a smile, a kind word or gift they need (like a meal) then do it today 🙂

Right, on to the main event…

I told you the other day that Mr.B had been reading J.Allen’s books on Christian living. Part of our studies and discussions has been focussing on trusting God, having faith and keeping calm. So if something unexpected happens we try not to panic, but have faith and deal with it calmly….takes a lot of practice and conscious effort!

We’ve had a couple of times this week with our finances and unexpected events that really tested us in this, but God is good and He brought us through it to a better outcome than we expected.

So if you’re struggling to keep calm, ask God to guide you and try to act practically and rationally…it doesn’t come easily at first, but will soon be proven by the results.

Stay strong and faithful.

Anna x



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