Exams And More Exams

Morning  Peeps!

I know it’s Sunday, but if you have a child approaching GCSEs, A-Levels or SATs right now- or are taking them yourselves-  then this is for you.

If you haven’t already, you may want to read Back To The Grindstone/The Final Push and start from there.

For SATs takers:

Top Tips for SATs Prep

SATs Practice


For GCSEs:

New Grading Explained

Revision Time!

GCSE Results Day


For A-Levels:

Revision Time!

A Level Results and University


The most important thing is that they know to try their best and there’s nothing to stop them getting where they want to be; worst case scenario, there is always the opportunity to re-sit. It’s Never Too Late.


Good luck and God bless the exam-takers!

Anna x


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