Check your budget

Howdy Peeps!

The money thing stresses a lot of people out but, as with everything, prevention is better than cure.

So here are my tips for what you can do right now to give your finances a check-up!

  • Check what you’re entitled to 1) If you claim benefits, check will tell you if you are claiming the right benefits and how much you’re likely to get. 2) Check you’re getting the right wages (minimum wage has risen this year) and check your tax code is right. 3) Don’t forget to apply for the married couple’s tax allowance if you’re entitled! (Equates to about £20 per month tax rebait!)
  • Look Ahead to one-offs and annual things. Is there anything that could upset your monthly budget? Is there something you know is coming (like car MOT or a special occasion) that could be saved for?
  • Look Long-Term start saving for those big goals! Think college funds/property/ retirement/once-in-a-lifetime trips.
  • Clean out your budget get rid of unnecessary expenses (a recent TV money programme reckoned that around a quarter of UK adults have gym and magazine subscriptions they don’t use!) Check you can afford any new commitments (or the monthly savings amounts for the things above) before committing to them.


April/May is a great time to do it because it’s the new financial year and we have the summer season and new school year not too far in the future! Don’t forget to check out my Budgeting page for more info and ideas. 🙂

Happy budgeting peeps!

Anna x


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