Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hellooooo Saturday Peeps!

7am in Cornwall and already glorious sunshine! 🙂

For those of you outside the UK, we get the first Monday in May as a day off so this is a 3-day weekend!! The forecast is gorgeous and there’s a lot to celebrate.

Firstly, Happy Birthday to my lovely Grandma!!

Secondly, it’s International Day of the Midwife! So remember those hard-working, lovely people and if you know one, show them some kindness today.

Thirdly, it’s been such a crazy week that a weekend is such a blessing! I’ve had a lot of extra work and exam prep on this week, I started a new part-time job in the loveliest little gift shop and have had a trip to the garage, also Mr.B had a Meniere’s attack at work…God has been with us throughout so we weren’t worried, but it’s been a busy one!

God just provided for us this week and we’re so thankful. I prayed about my car repair and it came in £3 under what I had available! Mr.B was ill at work but 3 of his colleagues were around and I was just leaving my work so was able to collect him on my way (I drive past his place of work to get home)! My shop job was a result of me casually asking a friend if they knew of any work in town …and it just fits perfectly (for us and the shop owner)!

God is good!

Have a lovely, sunny day/weekend Peeps!

Anna x


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