Born Naughty?

Morning Lovely Peeps!

You know I love kids and education and such. I found a channel on YouTube called Nurture and they play loads of parenting shows like Supernanny, House of Tiny Tearaways and Born Naughty.

I find these fascinating because they cover all kinds of issues, Born Naughty even shows the assessment process for a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN) like Autism and ADHD.

The key points of these programmes are as follows:

  1. It’s never a child’s fault if their behaviour is not socially acceptable, something has triggered it (SEN or not). No child is ‘born naughty’.
  2. Medical conditions and SEN need diagnosis and treatment/management
  3. Not all their behaviour is because of SEN. This is the big one, so many people believe children’s misbehaviour is due to a condition, but CHILDREN WITH SEN ARE STILL CHILDREN! They will still get fed up with homework or rebel against parents as they get older, swearing and violence are still not acceptable. In fact, people are so ready to blame the behaviour on a condition that they look for them: The reality is that half of the people going for assessment on Born Naughty find that their child doesn’t have any condition at all!

So I guess what I’m saying is that we need to be careful. We shouldn’t blame bad behaviour on a condition and we certainly shouldn’t excuse it. If a child has SEN then there are techniques and support for dealing with their behaviours as there are for children without SEN.   For all children, consistency is key.

Just thought I’d share…highly recommend these programmes.

Have a sunny Sunday!

Anna x


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