JWFK TV Spot! *Spoilers*

Howdy Dino Peeps!

I’m sure you know how exciting it is that Jurassic World 2  is a mere 4 weeks away!! But yesterday Universal made it even more exciting by releasing 3 different TV spots!!

2 are mostly clips from other trailers in a 30-second snippet, but the 3rd- entitled ‘gone’- shows a couple of new scenes and some awesome graphics!

(As I’m going to show it and talk about it- if you don’t want spoilers, then now is probably the time to tootle off and come back later…you have been warned. )


OK, so straight away we get an extended voiceover from the lovely Jeff Goldblum! 🙂

10 seconds in we get a gorgeous shot of the volcanic eruption and the escaping vessel (the “Arcadia” if you want to go and look up that little Easter Egg). Such awesome graphics, so realistic and just a beautiful shot all-round.

This is immediately followed by Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, stating that they’re not on the island anymore while we are looking at the indoraptor!

Then after the creepy Indoraptor scene (going after the little girl in bed) from the 2nd trailer, we get a whole new scene!

I mentioned in my previous blog 2 Months To Go!! JWFK that I was curious to see where they took the story when they get off the island…well here they’ve given us a major tip-off: Rexy appears to have broken through the fence into/out of a zoo enclosure and is face-to-face with a lion… who may not be around much longer! Kinda feel bad for him.

The possibilities for the end of this film and the whole of the next are wide open. 🙂 If the dinosaurs are off of the islands permanently, this could be everything the San Diego scene (from JP2) could have been. They can go literally anywhere and 2 of the biggest killers on the planet (hunters and lions) have already been taken down by a geriatric Rexy, so who knows what the entire dinosaur cast could do??

I’m excited to see how many species are free-roaming around the world (I’d bet it’s more than the official 11 Mills says in trailer 3!) and in what context.

I just can’t wait for this time next month!! I hope you’re excited too, if not then thanks for putting up with me and my obsession!

Catch ya later Peeps!

Anna x


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