The Way My Brain Works…

Morning My Lovely Peeps!

Gorgeous weather outside, makes me want to sing “Oh what a beautiful morning” from Oklahoma!

Speaking of songs, I want to share something with you, but I don’t want you to be scared….a little insight into my brain.

I was watching car crash TV with Mr.B last night and used the phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen, dingleberries on parade” (bonus points if you know the film that’s from). I knew it was a movie quote-most of my quotes are from movies or songs- but couldn’t place it…..remembered just now (whilst doing something else entirely) that it was from Grease, the T-Birds say it about the sports team. This may not be entirely random as I was talking about Grease yesterday…it’s on the Now TV library ready for its 40th anniversary this summer!


So, later last night I was making a cup of tea and started humming Toys on Parade (or Wooden Soldiers on Parade if you grew up on Disney). My brain seems to kick into Christmas mode around May… in fact, one of my first posts last year was Christmas in May… so I wasn’t surprised. (If you want to read all my Christmas posts, they’re in the Random Thoughts section.)

I think some of my less festive friends think I do it on purpose to wind them up, but it’s just in my head all the time…I genuinely think in song and movie quotes, many of them Christmas-related! I guess this particular one could be explained by the fact I was talking about Christmas the other day and I used the word ‘parade’ in the Grease quote (not a word we use often here, usually I’d say carnival or procession) so maybe that triggered it? Anyhoo, I got from Grease to Christmas in one cup of tea.


Like I said, there may have been logic to that, but perhaps not to this next bit. (Are you laughing at me yet? You might do now…) I woke up and headed for the bathroom in the “what time is it my eyes hurt” kind of state that first light gives a person (brain clearly not awake) and by the time I’d got to the loo I was humming Peter Kay’s “Once Upon A Christmas Song”! (Feel free to laugh at me, I am!) Again, I can only think that somehow Christmas mode has associated itself with May in my brain, but why Peter Kay?… erm…I mean Geraldine. 😉 I like the song, the comedian, the charity and the season but why not one of the Christmas songs I’ve heard a million times more?

I’m surprised at myself that it’s not Slade or Wizzard because, like most people, my brain functions best when remembering song lyrics I grew up with and not the reason I went into the kitchen!

Regardless of which, my brain is in full Christmas mode now! 🙂 And for those out there who say I’m rushing ahead and forgetting to enjoy the day, not a bit of it! I have a lovely day off in the sunshine and shopping with the teenager…I just may be humming Christmas songs while I do it! (If you don’t know my daughter, don’t worry about her suffering that all day, she’ll be fine with it! I’ve trained her so well that she may even join in! 😉 )

If you’re still here reading I congratulate you for not being scared away!

I hope you have a lovely day today and enjoy the videos I’ve left for you below!

Anna x



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