Good Luck!

How-do Peeps!

It’s Monday, but not just any Monday…it’s officially the start of exam season!

SATs for years 2 and 6 start today for this week and although many GCSE students have done some practical and oral exams, the written ones (and many schools’ exam leave) start now.

I want to wish all students every success, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

If you have someone in your household who is hitting exam season now, then check out my tips for revision and keeping calm on my Education page. (I recommend Revision Time!Top Tips for SATs Prep and Is Your Child Stressed?) Try to keep them focused; cut out unnecessary things for the time being and keep some perspective… (there are always alternative routes and re-sits.)

As a side note, make sure they have the right things for each test (a calculator, anthology or even the right uniform) and none of the things they shouldn’t.

If you have any questions, ask the school, other parents or even me…it needs to be clear what’s happening and when.

Best wishes,

Anna x

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