Recipes for Sharing

`Happy Windsday Peeps!

The title says it all really, I’ve seen a lot of blogs this week that have recipes for ‘sharing’ food…y’know, the good stuff that’s too big for 1 person but too informal for a proper party; the stuff you’d share with your bestie and produce if the kids brought friends home. 🙂 So here’s a few to share:

Kool Aid Moms starts us off with this amazing-looking Garlic Ravioli Pizza. I’m not usually one for loads of different things on pizza, but this (and a couple of others I’ve seen) makes me want to experiment! I love garlic so this seems a good place to expand my horizons!

Sheryl (over at A Hundred Years Ago) gave us this Caramel Biscuit recipe that looks so scrummy I may just eat the picture! FYI the British folks out there, these are American biscuits so they’re more like a bun than a cookie…makes them even more appealing if you ask me!

This Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe looks scrummy and low-maintenance! It came from Muffin-Mum and uses a pressure cooker (I’m sure the recipe could be adapted for crock pots too).


So those are just a few for you to enjoy. 🙂 What do you serve up for casual lunch-dates and after-school visitors?

Happy munching!

Anna x


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