Think Positive

Hello Lovely Peeps!

A bit of PMA for today…and a word of caution.

Mr.B is a big fan of Norman Vincent Peale; if you don’t know who that is please go and google it, or better yet buy the books. He wrote dozens of positive thinking books in the mid 20th Century, the man was straight-talking, faith-filled and way ahead of the trend on positive thinking.

One Peale quote stays with us “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” What he means is that we have the power to affect something with our thinking. If you believe you can’t do something then you’ve lost before you begin. If you make up your mind you can do something, then you’ll keep going until you succeed.

This can-do attitude is good for our minds, bodies and spirits…the Bible puts it like this:

phil 4.8


Basically, think about the good stuff, believe in yourself and don’t dwell on the bad stuff!

It is a conscious choice and not always easy, but like everything praiseworthy, it takes a little effort and comes with the reward of self-improvement. We have to do something neither of us really want to do today but we’ve chosen not to complain or be negative towards the people we see (it’s not their fault) and we’re trying to focus on the positives.

Probably the best advice there is out there, so we’re going to try to follow it every day…how about you?

God bless,

Anna x


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