New Habits

Helloooooooooooo Peeps!

Firstly, headache’s gone! Woohoo! Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes. 🙂

Mr.B and I are trying to improve ourselves. I’m generally a bit all-or-nothing in my commitments, I struggle with building things up or doing one at a time… this is why doing it together helps because my hubby is much better at that patience thing.

We wrote a list of goals, mostly small things like putting the dishes going every night and not leaving them until the morning, then we picked one each per week and we’ve got 2 bigger, longer-term goals to work on together for next year.

We’ve done this because our lives are getting busier, we need more routine and these things will help us towards our bigger goals.

We’ve managed the dishes thing and other little household jobs and settled (ish) into the new work schedule, so we’re now looking at the next lot of goals with the confidence of having kept up the first.

Although it’s not a natural state for me, it does seem to work this way. so I recommend it’s worth a try if you have new goals/habits to achieve.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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