Happy Sunday Peeps!

I was thinking about all the changes in our lives at the moment, some of them (like finances and breaking really ingrained habits) seemed a bit scary but it’s all good.

The old saying goes “change is the only constant in every life.” Humans don’t always like or accept change easily…I certainly fight it on occasion!

The thing is Mr.B and I were looking at the finances and some old habits last night… the finances have turned out better than we thought and there are habits, like the credit we had, that seemed impossible to break at the time but are now distant memories! In fact, it’s a year ago this Wednesday coming that we paid off our last debt!! 🙂 (If you want to see how and why have a look at my Budgeting page.)

Through everything though, God is constant. He provided us with the work and income to pay that off. Now we’ve had some changes in our finances (and back then paying the debt off) we’ve had enough. We often have more than we thought we would and there have been times where it had to be God because there was no logical way it happened without Him!

It’s not just the finances either, the choices we’ve made, things we’ve prayed about (like moving here) have been accomplished or turn out different but better.

We’ve had to be sensible. The Bible is very clear that foolishness isn’t rewarded, but wisdom is. We’re a lot more careful with our money than before, we plan for stuff and seek prayer/advice. We’re so thankful to God for the people and things He’s put in our lives. We’ve been blessed and He’s always been there.

If you seek the wise way of doing something, you will be blessed; it’s that simple really. Ditching some old habits seems a huge deal at the time, but is rewarding in many, many ways.

Have a blessed Sunday Peeps, I pray God will show you/help you with the things you need to do.

Anna x


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