Give Them A Chance

Howdy Peeps!

We went to see some family yesterday and I was watching my teenager interact with them.

I was so proud that she took time to care about the people she saw and give them a hug etc.

So many times we tell kids to say thank you or give a person a hug or gift or whatever and don’t give them a choice or a chance to remember.

I was going to say to my daughter yesterday to give an older relative a hug and say goodbye, but I stopped myself and she did it anyway. So instead of getting attitude and building resentment in her,  she happily did the right thing and I felt proud.

We have to give kids a chance to do the right thing; they’ve had the guidance and, contrary to parental belief, people aren’t often offended if kids don’t show affection or do misbehave….The adults concerned either have kids, knew you as a kid or at least were kids at some point and they know what’s going on!

So after the instructions (they have to have it once or twice when they’re young so they actually know what to do) give them a chance to do the right thing rather than telling them every single time. If they don’t then it can be gently discussed afterwards ready for them to try again next time.

One day they’ll figure it out and remember for themselves, so don’t make it a battle.

Have a lovely sunny Saturday Peeps!

Anna x


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